Allambee Counselling’s community education and prevention initiatives are designed to:

  • Raise awareness of the impact of sexual and family violence on individuals, families, and community.
  • Break down the myths and stigma surrounding sexual and family violence.
  • Empower young people to build healthy and respectful relationships.
  • Promote a positive cultural shift in the Peel community’s attitude towards violence.

Current programs include:

Community education - Empower young people to build healthy and respectful relationships

The Respectful Relationships Workshops are co-facilitated by Allambee counsellors and youth workers from the Street Net Youth Service. The workshop is targeted at students in Years 7 – 12, and is an interactive discussion on issues relating to healthy relationships, family violence, sexual consent and sexual violence, modern communication devices and their impact on sexual violence. The workshop highlights Protective Behaviour themes, and encourages students to develop skills to keep themselves safe and promote respectful interpersonal relationships.

The Annual Peel Silent Memorial March for Domestic & Family Violence is held each year for families, friends and community members to gather in loving memory of all those who have lost their lives as a result of domestic homicide and to call for prevention, protection and support for all those who survive and grieve the experience of domestic violence. Allambee Counselling Inc and Pat Thomas House Inc warmly invite all community members to join us at this important event each year.

For more information on Allambee’s Community Education Program contact Allambee Counselling on (08) 9535 8263.

You can also check out the Allambee or Street Net event pages for event details.

Silent March